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The Afterglow Podcast was published between 2005 and 2007, and presented by John P Shea. Unfortunately, the site was taken down abruptly for security reasons, but it’s content has been re-published here (the RSS feed for the show is no longer active, please download each show individually using the links below).

All tracks were used with the permission of rights holders. Many thanks to the artists and labels who made the show possible, please support their work.

Afterglow Show 1
July 22nd, 2005


Show 1 is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Kirsty.

“Nothing can prevent me from expressing John loves Kirsty”.

Welcome to Afterglow!

Without further ado, Show 1 is now available here:
afterglow_show_1.mp3 (51.5MB, 36:17)

In Show 1, we establish the late 1970s as ground zero for dark alternative sounds, propelled forward by the post-punk gothic movement. As a reference, check out “Unknown Pleasures” by Joy Division (1979, Factory Records); “Faith” by The Cure (1981, Fiction Records); “Some Great Reward” by Depeche Mode (1984, Mute Records); and “Tinderbox” by Siouxsie and the Banshees (1986, Polydor).

Fast forward a few decades to the present, and join me in exploring new dominions that are being created in the heart of the underground. We’ll be covering electronica/EBM, industrial, dark pop/rock, dark ambient, power noise, and more.

Enjoy the first show, and please leave a comment on the blog with your thoughts. Don’t forget to use the request page if you’ve come across a great independent artist you’d like to let everyone know about.

Finally, if you like what you hear on Afterglow, please consider making a donation.

Afterglow Show 1 Playlist


(C.I.A.) Hypno-Programmed Robot Assassin (4:03)
Label: Blatant Propaganda

Europe In Dust
Europe In Dust (6:04)
Label: T:D:M Thunderdome

Severed Heads
The Illustrated Family Doctor Soundtrack
Someone Who Doesn’t Need Their Organs Anymore (Your Kidneys Remix) (5:23)
Label: Severed Communications (Soundtrack through Manasoundtracks, distributed by Inertia)

The Soul Rush
Red Room (4:57)
Label: Self-released

Gloria (10:33)

The Art Of Creating Confusing Spirits
A Few Days Off (5:09)
Label: Accession Records

Afterglow Show 2
October 8th, 2005

Welcome Back!

Show 2 is now available here:
Afterglow Show 2.mp3 (40.6MB, 27:00)

Look forward to your comments.

Afterglow Show 2 Playlist


Kooper Cain
Turning Cities To Salt
Tonal (3:36)
Label: Self-released

Going To The Theatre
There Are No Snakes In Heaven (3:16)
Label: Projekt: Darkwave

Survival Of The Fittest
Adrenaline (4:43)
Label: Nilaihah Records

Cain Syndrome
The Eye (4:23)
Label: Self-released

A Beautiful Machine
A Beautiful Machine
Fine (6:17)
Label: Embryo Recordings

Transient Release (4:18)
Label: NOTHingness REcords

Afterglow Show 3
November 20th, 2005

Female Artist Feature

Show 3 is now available here:
afterglow show 3.mp3 (37.4MB, 27:13)

Welcome to our first feature show. This episode highlights female independent artists.

In the beginning, there was Siouxsie, Johnny Rotten’s right-hand man, so to speak. Replete with swastika armband, Sioux was one of Punk’s charging lieutenants. She featured in the (in)famous live TV show, Thames Tonight, on the 1st of December 1976, just days after the release of the Pistols’ “Anarchy In the U.K.” single.

During the interview, host Bill Grundy propositioned Sioux, which provoked a barrage of (more) swearing from Steve Jones. The resulting national furore cost Grundy his job, and according to NME, changed the world and was recorded as the second greatest moment in rock.

The Banshees’ track, “Hong Kong Garden” (18 August 1978, Polydor), with it’s frantic xylophone introduction, served as a Morse Code message for all and sundry to run to the dance floor as quickly as possible.

Similarly, Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” (The Kick Inside, 1978, EMI Records Ltd.) had a similar effect – mostly on female patrons – who seemed better able to withstand the song’s high pitched vocals delivered at high sound pressure levels.

Perhaps that explained the spooky flailing hands… Such songs were favourites at goth clubs well into the late 80’s, and in fact both these artists are still recording.

Female artists, either fronting acts or as solo artists, have played a tremendously important role in defining the genre, both musically and in its look. With this in mind, we’re pleased to present our first special feature show. As always, leave your comments as soon as you can.

Afterglow Show 3 Playlist


Android Lust
Stripped And Stitched
Stained (4:27)
Label: DARKVISIONMEDIA/Projekt: Darkwave

The Approach
Havestar (4:41)
Label: Self-released (U.S.)/Positron! Records/CD Baby

Cell Division
Emperor Of Small Emotions (3:04)
Label: T:d:M Thunderdome

The Great Annhilator
My Buried Child (2:55)
Label: Young God Records

Cut (4:25)
Label: Self-released

Black Tape For A Blue Girl
With A Million Tear-Stained Memories
Overwhelmed, Beneath Me (3:06)
Label: Projekt: Darkwave

Hungry Lucy
Bed Of Flames (4:13)
Label: Hungry Lucy Music

Afterglow Show 4
December 24th, 2005

Show 4 is now available here:
afterglow show 4.mp3 (44.9MB, 31:30)

Well, 2005 has been a blast! THANKYOU to all of the artists and labels who have supported us this year. Without your permission to play your tracks, none of this would be possible.

For our listeners, thanks also for your support. If you find a track that really grabs you, make sure you check out the artist’s website, and buy their stuff. YOU are the future of the music business, defining music on your own terms between yourselves and artists, and NOT subject to the cultural void of multinational output.

Afterglow was intended as a dialogue, so we always welcome your comments, requests and suggestions. Can I ask that, right now, you take a minute of your time to introduce the show to some of your friends who you think may be interested in the music we’re presenting. Send them an Afterglow postcard, or just paste the Afterglow URL into your next IM chat. We are dependent on your efforts to spread the word about new music and independent entertainment.

So, for 2005, here are a few shout outs:

Best Street Team: The Mighty Ramon (Theatre: Asia/Pacific, City of Melbourne)
Best Comments on the Blog: Heidi the Defiler!
Most Bids for Dedications: The House Rules (not a romantic soul amongst you lot it seems…)

And now, on to the show. Hey, check out that playlist – a big helping of self-released music from independent artists. Language warning for this episode on track 1.

See you soon in 2006!

Afterglow Show 4 Playlist


Everybody Hates You
This Shit will Fcuk You Up (4:45)
Label: Out Of Line

(Forthcoming Debut Album)
Decay (4:44)
Label: Self-released

Angels Dance Upwards EP
Angels Dance Upwards (6:02)
Label: Self-released

Under Electric Light
Never See The Light EP
Never See The Light (4:47)
Label: Self-released

Element EP
Severance (7:03)
Label: Self-released / CD Baby

Submarine Fleet
In A Case Of Fire EP
In A Case Of Fire (3:41)
Label: Self-released / CD Baby

Afterglow Show 5
March 21st, 2006

Show 5 is now available here:
afterglow show 5.mp3 (47.7MB, 25:57)

After a brief delay (which turned into a medium-sized delay), Show 5 is now ready for your listening pleasure.

Each month, we have a small amount of time available to produce and promote the podcast. For a (US-based) directory submission, we were recently asked if Afterglow has “an educational bent that will impress parents”.

This left me to ponder deeply the current state of affairs, and what value our generation’s children will place on music in their lives. We are clearly at a cross-roads, here is our reply:

Certainly! Afterglow provides, in the commentary, and in more detail in the show notes, a highly educational insight into recent musical heritage.

Similarly, Afterglow provides an essential musical education in highlighting diversity.

According to analysis of data from the Media Access Pro (Radio Version) database (maintained and sold by BIA Financial Networks, in the United States of America every commercial radio format but two (Adult Standards and Nostalgia) is controlled by an oligopoly (Future of Music Coalition, Radio Deregulation: Has It Served Citizens and Musicians?).

According to Clear Channel owner Art Mays, at a US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation hearing (Jan 30, 2003), Clear Channel added only 3,000 songs to their playlists in 2002, which represented the work of only 550 artists.

For the youth of America, and the youth of the West, subject to the every-day cultural influence of America, this market reality has left a gaping void for new music. A generation has been deprived of innovative and diverse musical works against which to hear “the soundtrack of their lives”.

Particularly for our US listeners, Afterglow provides an education in exposing the works of contemporary international artists. A report by the British Council (Make or Break – Supporting UK music in the USA) examining barriers to trade and the performance of UK music in the US, found that the US is one of the most domestically-dominated music market in the world. The report found that 92% of its recorded market was accounted for by sales of local acts in 2000.

So, what does this mean for our listeners? First of all, it means that you are going out of your way to discover new music, and to not have your tastes decided by focus group-driven multinationals.

It also means that you cannot be bystanders in the future of music. With traditional indie recorded music stores slowing fading out, the new channel is this: direct to the artist.

Finally, our listeners must also take their part in spreading the word about new and emerging artists – we can’t rely on radio, music television or retail anymore – so it truly is up to you, right now, to do something to secure a future for independent music.

Afterglow Show 5 Playlist


Sister Machine Gun
Smash Your Radio! (3:46)
Label: Positron! Records

Dimension Zero
RePLiCa (single)
RePLiCa (5:39)
Label: Self-released

Android Lust
Dragonfly (single)
Dragonfly (low) (4:30)
Label: DARKVISIONMEDIA/Projekt: Darkwave

Teilsystem (4:41)
Label: Zone 30 Records

At The End
Forget (3:44)
Label: Self-released

Led Man
Did You Happen To Know (4:42)
Label: Self-released

Afterglow Show 6
June 28th, 2006

Show 6 is now available here:
afterglow show 6.mp3 (49.4MB, 31:23)

Forgive me, audience, for it has been many days since my last podcast.

Afterglow is very much a personal journey of music discovery that I am fortunate enough to be able to share with a few thousand listeners. In selecting tracks to play, we look at a number of things – how original is the work? Can you listen to the track more than once (without reaching for the fast forward button)? Does the track have some lyrical and musical substance? All of these factors, and the ability of each track to work well with the next, contribute to making Afterglow what it is.

Again, none of this would be possible without the support of the artists you’re listening to (and their labels), so do your bit and support them. But what happens when we come across a track (say an mp3), can’t get this out of our head, make a request to get permission from the artist and (temporarily) include it in the upcoming playlist, or even build a show around it, and the artist is most unprofessional in not getting back to us (with permission to use the track and a studio master for encoding – or a rejection for that matter)? Worse still, what happens when an artist approaches us, and then fails to deliver?

Well, @ Afterglow, we are desperate. Desperate for quality independent and original music that we can make a connection with – much more so than we are desperate to get a show out.

So, while we work through multiple e-mail requests with the artist, their relationship breakups, moving house, getting broadband etc., the rest of the world flies by, and I can only ask for your patience. The world of the inspired and creative mind is not always aligned with that of being organised…

We think it’s worth the wait however, so please leave us some comments with your thoughts.

Language warning for this episode on tracks 2 and 3.

Afterglow Show 6 Playlist


Specimen Number 1
No (3:54)
Label: Self-released

Christ Analogue
Everyday Is Distortion
So Brand New (4:27)
Label: Positron! Records

SMP (aka Sounds of Mass Production)
Crimes of the Future
Beautiful (3:02)
Label: Music Ration Entertainment

Mister White
Bruised up Aura
Final String (3:02)
Label: Self-released

Scarlet Speedster
Scarlet Speedster (EP)
Tonight (5:46)
Label: Self-released

Bone Music (Single) (7:08)
Label: Self-released

Afterglow Show 7
December 22nd, 2006

Show 7 is now available here:
afterglow show 7.mp3 (43.4MB, 26:05)

Finally! Sorry for the delay, we have been working on construction for our new studio, and like any acoustics project, this is taking much longer than expected.

As this is the last show for the year, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the independent artists and labels that have supported us, through their permission to play the tracks you hear on the show.

And also to our listeners, your feedback has been very inspiring. Please take a minute to leave us some comments on this episode.

If you like what you hear, get along to the artists’ websites and check out their stuff.

We’re also thinking about putting together a few “Meetups” in the next year, initially in Australia. So if you’re interested in meeting some fellow listeners and learning more about the show, send me an e-mail. We’d be keen to hear from you, and what your ideas are for promoting the show.

What will the new year hold in store? Well, more great music, more new releases, and, no doubt, more listeners. We’ll also be doing a few interview shows, the first of which should be out soon.

If you’re an artist and you’d like to send us a track for consideration, please read our Submission Guidelines, and if your music is suitable for the genres that we feature, please get in touch.

Afterglow Show 7 Playlist


Broken Puzzle
Ordinary Toy Soldier (3:54)
Label: Self-released

Resurrection Eve
Ancient Curse
Forever (remix) (6:14)
Label: Self-released

Fashion Bomb
Devils to Some, Angels to Others
Drugpool (3:52)
Label: Self-released

Roger O’Donnell
The Truth In Me
For The Truth In You (4:17)
Label: Great Society (World’s Fair)

Thatch Noir
Dirge and Serenade
Cat In A Box (4:27)

Chris Randall
Be There Tonight (3:09)
Label: Positron! Records

Afterglow Show 8 – Wave-Gotik-Treffen Coverage
May 1st, 2007

Show 8 is now available here:
afterglow show 8.mp3 (6.25MB, 4:22)

In our first show of festival coverage, our intrepid music Co-Director, Ramon, is off this morning on his way to Germany to catch the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig.

We discuss what his plans are, what he hopes to get out of the trip, and also the fine art of flying with weapons of mass seduction (his pointy boots, that is).

Also, a quick intro to the festival and other activities that will be on at the same time in Leipzig.

We have some print propaganda especially for the event, please let us know if you’re interested in promoting the show.

Stay tuned for more Treffen coverage soon!

Afterglow Show 9
November 12th, 2007

Show 9 is now available here:
afterglow show 9.mp3 (41.5MB, 27:10)

The Desert Sand Episode.

The modern music landscape is very much like wandering through the desert – there is sand everywhere, and its all pretty much the same. We live in an age where it is easier than ever for individuals and corporations alike to produce vast amounts of sand. But occasionally, just occasionally, something pops up, oasis-like, that makes the trek worthwhile.

We hope you appreciate quenching your thirst.

Afterglow Show 9 Playlist


Find Me (3:57)
Label: Self-released

The Secret Meeting
Beautiful Noise Machine (4:17)
Label: Noiseplus Music

Scarlatti Tilt
Gathering of the Haunted
The Insect’s Party (5:23)
Label: Dandyland

Atheistic God
The Things to Come (4:03)
Label: Self-released

So Beautiful People Look Away
Loudly (4:29)
Label: Digital Brothel Records (US)/Armalyte Industries (UK)

Modwheel Mood
Pearls to Pigs, Vol.1 (forthcoming release)
02 Mhz (4:43)
Label: Self-released


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